In a heterosexual situation, the feeder assists or encourages the gainer to get fat.

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In a heterosexual situation, the feeder assists or encourages the gainer to get fat.

The gainer is often the girl because this sub-fetish is normally male dominated. The encourager encourages the gainer to gain weight in the homosexual situation. Either in situation, the objectives and answers are often the same. Almost always there is a collection objective fat. The work of attaining the objective can be itself a fetish, leading to intercourse. Citation needed Feederism also has a tendency to focus all over pleasure of meals and eating huge amounts from it. There are several dangers involved in extortionate weight gain. These dangers could be managed because of the gainer just by maintaining his/her fat inside a value that is safe: POVassertion nevertheless, many people are maybe maybe not ready to risk their life as well as in such an instance it is hard to achieve this type of fat.


Gaining, into the fat admiration subculture, may be the training of deliberately becoming fat or growing fatter.

The definition of was linked to the homosexual community and it has redtube com more been recently utilized to spell it out heterosexual relationships involving weight gain that is erotic. For some, gaining is a manifestation of fat fetishism. Other people just look for to grow fat it to be aesthetically pleasing and/or sexually arousing because they consider.

A gainer is somebody who overeats using the intention that is specific of overweight; or, if already overweight, gaining a lot more weight. This can be because of a love of meals or an admiration regarding the appearance or feel to be fat, usually coupled with a disregard for societal norms on body form. Frequently it’s because of a love of basic human body size, and may even be coupled with muscle mass gain. Gainers may currently be clinically overweight before they start gaining, wanting to be also fatter. Other gainers may start slim and slowly turn into fat. Gaining is usually thought to be an experience that is sexually gratifying people who practice it, even though this may well not continually be the scenario.