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Marketing Payments – Payment Consulting » Clients
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Developing a Tablet based Merchant Application for a UK Acquirer.


Developing a Tablet based Merchant Application for a UK Acquirer

The brief was to speed up back office processing of merchant applications to achieve processing efficiencies and improve the merchant registration process.

Marketing Payments have designed a Tablet based Merchant Application program that speeds up the merchant acceptance process, reduces elements of risk by merchant location and business type verification during the application process. Further functionality includes geo locational tracking of the sales person, sales activity, productivity and expenses tracking. Photo support is included for merchant bricks and mortar verification. The fully encrypted solution is rolled out on a turnkey basis to include the respective tablet.

Working with a regional retailer to review the key points of Convergance for customer Engagement using the Tablet.


Working with a regional retailer to review the key points of Convergence for customer Engagement using the Tablet.

The emergence of tablet computers, such as the iPAD, Motorola Zoom and Samsung Galaxy has many businesses thinking about ways to integrate these devices into applications that compliment their existing customer engagement solutions.

Marketing Payments are engaged in piloting programs that integrate the iPad with existing POS terminals using the tablet as a mobile POS terminal as a means to scale POS bandwidth on an as needed basis and for queue busting during peak hours.

Included in this pilot is a study to experiment with the tablet use as an in store electronic catalog, information kiosk, social media platform and interactive display as well as leveraging them for payment processing and inventory management.

Helping a new European Prepaid Credit Card Program Manager expand it's portfolio in the UK and Ireland.


Helping a new European Prepaid Credit Card Program Manager expand it's portfolio in the UK and Ireland.

Our client has an exciting range of new prepaid credit cards with superior competitive advantage. Our brief was to identify new corporate and consumer marketing opportunities for the brand.

With a parent operating in the non financial services sector for over 45 years the current management have identified a number of commercial situations to introduce a competitively positioned prepaid credit card in the UK and Ireland supported by their well known consumer brand. Marketing Payments are developing the plan to market and assisting in developing partner relationships.

Superior Payments Processing Gateway


Superior Payments Processing Gateway

Our client has developed a software based host solution to provide a single source of sophisticated, robust and highly scalable payment and transaction processing services. Based on the latest IP technology, the platform has both multi-lingual and multi-currency processing capabilities.

New functionality recently added achieved significant product and service differentiation with the delivery of On-Line Dynamic Currency Conversion (eDCC), Recurring Payment, Fraud Management and alternative payment methods, through a range of alliance agreements with international payment processing platforms and specialist service providers.

Our client provides a fully encrypted processing solution that is secured end to end, even if the transactions take place over public broadband infrastructure. Certified to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), they have made enhanced security central to its service.

The objective is to establish the company as a leading international provider of on-line payment and transaction processing services, through the delivery of a range of enhanced revenue generating, cost reducing services, in response to customer needs across all market sectors.

Marketing Payments are providing highly bespoke sales and marketing support to assist in broadening the sales pipeline through a focussed international campaign based around a product white labelling, licensed and hosted operating model. Recommendations recently included "white labelling" the technology which has led to immediate sales in the USA and The middle East.The objective is to further increase revenue potential for this "white labelling" initiative in 2011 to 2012.

Information Security and web based PCI DSS Merchant Compliance portal


Information Security and web based PCI DSS Merchant Compliance portal

Helping to drive revenue generation internationally with an EU based Information Security Company specialising in PCI DSS professional services and consultancy and delivering information security assurance worldwide.

Our client works with leading financial institutions, Payment Service Providers, ISO’s and merchants worldwide to help implement a measured and comprehensive programme to address risks in their business arising from a compromise of information assets or operations.

Our client is also is a market leader in IS0 27001 services, vulnerability management and audit and assessment consulting through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards program. In addition, they have development a web based methodology to manage and secure the protection of business information assets through its groundbreaking managed services and integrated web portal for PCI Merchant compliance.

With over 25 years experience in the Acquiring industry we were able to allocate experienced sales and marketing resources to this organisation to assist the existing sales team in growing their international client portfolio more quickly. Substantial new client wins were made during this period generating multi million euro revenue within a 14 month period. New major accounts with some of Europe's largest acquirers were achieved in the UK, Holland, Canada and the USA.

The company has now expanded into the Uk and has additional international offices in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa and Sweden. Further international expansion to planned in 2012.

Mobile POS terminal manufacturer


Mobile POS terminal manufacturer

Assisting a privately held company headquartered in the US to drive international sales. The company which specialises in the mobile segment of the Point of Sale (POS) market is seeking to partner with Acquirers, MSP's, ISO's in Europe.

They provide the most secure, cost effective, and mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution to merchants globally and are currently seeking sales and marketing support to expand internationally into the European Union, Middle East and Africa.

Their terminals are the smallest, most compact models on the market. Coupled with their networking infrastructure, Secure Mobile Application Platform, provides a completely secure, end-to-end transaction processing service.

The end result for merchants, our ultimate customers, is the industry’s quickest, most smooth path from out-of-the-box to accepting payments anywhere, at anytime.