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» How to get my approved loan?

How to get my approved loan?

Written by Suzi on . Posted in best paydayloan

How to get my approved loan?

Your loan profits will automatically be credited to your payroll account and you may receive an SMS alert from 2346.

Can I be charged for my SMS demands? All SMS demands and verification with proper structure are COMPLIMENTARY for world and Smart.

What the results are I still be charged if I sent an incorrect syntax, will? Yes. All SMS with wrong format or from mobile numbers which were maybe perhaps not signed up for the scheduled system are charged P2.50 per text, for world, Smart and Sun customers.

just How am I going to determine if my SMS availment is authorized? After delivering an SMS availment demand, you certainly will get an answer from 2346 approval that is indicating of demand.

Have there been any full instances when SMS availments were disapproved? Yes. SMS will undoubtedly be rejected or disapproved if:

  • Mobile phone quantity just isn’t registered
  • SMS format is wrong
  • Company contract is ended
  • Required quantity surpassed restriction towards the consumer
  • Client comes with a current loan availment
  • With space in Salary Credits within half a year
  • Consumer has resigned through the business

Exactly what are the reminders that i must bear in mind to make sure that my availment will become successful? Please make sure that the items that are following followed properly:

  • Text the proper keyword that is initial SBCSALAD space AMOUNT space # OF DEDUCTIONS
  • Text the proper keyword for agreement/approval:SBCSALAD CONSENT
  • Forward message to 2346.
  • Utilize the mobile quantity that is enrolled in SALAD.
  • Make sure the mobile quantity has a regular load with a minimum of P2.50.

We delivered my SMS syntax demand properly but failed to get any answer. Exactly Just What must I do? You may phone our customer care Hotline at 8887-9188 or e-mail email protected for further help.

Report the incident:

  • Keyword sent
  • Date of SMS
  • Time of SMS
  • Cellphone Quantity
  • Or simply simply offer the screenshot for the message

Ask for modification of mobile quantity signed up for SALAD, please phone customer care Hotline at 8887-9188. Allow 3 banking times to process your demand.

Just exactly What I still avail of SALAD if I lose my mobile number, can? Yes. Just ask for a modification of the mobile quantity through our customer support Hotline at 8887-9188. Please enable 3 banking times to process your demand

just exactly What I use both to avail of SALAD if I have 2 mobile numbers, can? No. Our SALAD system is only going to connect you to definitely one (1) mobile quantity

If my ATM card gets lost or taken, may I still avail of SALAD? Yes. Even without having the ATM Card, your authorized SALAD availment will be credited to still your payroll account. But, we urgently encourage one to go to the SBC Branch nearest both you and ask for an ATM Card substitution to permit you access that is immediate the funds.

What goes on if my income is inadequate to cover for my amortization? In case the wage is inadequate when it comes to amortization amount, the payment will undoubtedly be considered “Missed” amortization. This will be deducted from the payroll that is next along with the total amount due when it comes to current cut-off PLUS an extra “late payment cost” amounting to P125 per missed payment within the period for the loan. A fixed fee of P250 will apply per month after loan maturity.

We missed my amortization payroll that is last could I spend within the countertop? Yes. You may make an non-prescription (OTC) re payment in almost any protection Bank Branch nearest you. Kindly remember to do the annotated following:

  • Utilize the BILLS PAYMENT slip
  • Indicate re re payment is actually for SALAD
  • Indicate your amortization that is monthly plus
  • Indicate your enrolled mobile number

In case there is standard, a text would be delivered to you for reminder.

Do I have a discount or even a waiver of costs if we missed my loan re payment? No. Our belated re payment fees are fixed.

Just exactly exactly How am I going to determine if We have missed re re payments? Our SBC Collections Team will coordinate to you via phone, SMS, Letter and email or using your HR agent.

Can I have the ability to see my SALAD deductions within my payroll account? Yes. SALAD deductions is visible within the payroll account. Though it’s not mirrored regarding the client’s spend slide because the re payment technique is via Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) from payroll credits.

Just exactly just What I terminate my Salary Advance if I have the money to pay-off my loan, can? No. Pre-termination just isn’t permitted under Salary Advance.

We currently paid 50% of my loan, could I straight away re-avail Salary Advance? No. Re-availment is permitted upon complete re re payment of current loan.

We paid 100% of my loan, whenever may I re-avail? Please enable three (3) banking times after your final re re payment date that is due re-availing SALAD.

How do you deactivate blue trust loans payment plan my Salary Advance? Fill-out the Letter of Intent to Deactivate SALAD Enrolment. Just click here to install the page, fill the details out, and send to email protected . Processing time is 1 day time.

Essential reminder: it is possible to simply be permitted to deactivate your SALAD account should this be in status of ACTIVE.

How to re-avail? Re-availment procedure is comparable while the procedure of your 1st Availment. You’ll just text:

SBCSALAD space AMOUNT space # OF DEDUCTIONS to 2346 and proceed with the succeeding SMS guidelines.

Where may I phone if i wish to ask further questions regarding Salary Advance? You might phone our customer support Hotline at 8887-9188 or e-mail email protected for further help. Please make certain you have the details that are following hand:

  • Payroll account quantity
  • Mobile quantity signed up for Salary Advance
  • Description of complaint or issue